October 1, 2006


10106fI finished my Lombard street socks in time for the kick off of Socktoberfest. I knit these with Knitpicks Essential yarn in pumpkin. I love the color, but the yarn was rough feeling. I used a size 0 knitpicks circular needle and did these one at a time. This was my first time trying a picot edging. I like the effect of that and will probably use it again. The pattern was really easy to follow. I did the cabling without a cable needle and that made this pattern go a lot faster.

10106gUp next, I'm using a wool and cashmere blend from the ebay store Jojosquare(formerly Jojoland). It appears that they don't have these handpainted yarns anymore. I have some of their cashmere merino blend yarn and it's different from this one. This one is very springy and stretchy. I was curious about it and put it through a burn test. It checks out as animal fiber. There is some major pooling going on in the sock, but it's interesting. Each pooling section is striped. The reddish is striped with a muted brown/tan color. The yellow section is striped with the same muted brown and sometimes a greenish color. I plan on trying a feather and fan pattern in the leg portion of this sock.

For the rest of Socktoberfest, I plan on focusing on socks and making a lot of them this month. I really need to use up some of the yarns that I already have. I also want to make more sport weight socks for around the house this winter.

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