November 4, 2006

Shawls everywhere

11406aOkay, I got over the bad, bad sock. I'm working on a shawl now. I finally finished the Kiri shawl that has been sitting in my knitting bag since before we left for our vacation. This was a fun knit. It wasn't too difficult and wasn't boring either. I could easily work on it without having to concentrate on it 100%. It was a good break to get back to this shawl instead of the Modern Baby blanket. I still want to finish that blanket. I've been seeing a lot of finished ones on the Mason Dixon Knitalong blog and feeling bad that I didn't finish mine.

Yarn: Cherry tree hill cascade lace in the dusk colorway
Needles: size 3 knitpicks classic circulars
Finished size: 68 inches across the top and 30 inches deep at the point

11406cUp next, I'm working on an entrelac shawl. I hope that I have enough yarn to make it a shawl. I'm using Jojoland Melody yarn. It is the blues and oranges color or y45. I have had this yarn for a while, but didn't know what to make with it. First, I was thinking about socks, but this isn't superwash wool. Then I thought about some lace, but that wouldn't use up the 10 balls of yarn that I have. I plan on knitting until I have used up the 10 balls or whenever it looks long enough.

11406dI love the way this looks like it's woven. I also like the way the colors are coming out. This yarn isn't the softest thing in the world, but it really depends what you previously touched. Sometimes, this yarn feels really soft. But if I just touched the silk shawl, this yarn feels a little rough.

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