February 4, 2007

It's so cold!

The daytime temperatures are in the teens. Sometimes, they're barely in the teens. Low temps are in the single digits. I'm not even going to talk about what the wind chill does. Brrrrrrr. When it's that cold outside, it just feels colder inside no matter the setting on the central heat. My hands have been so cold and I don't like knitting with wrist warmers. I haven't been knitting on the shawl much. That's partially due to the cold and partially due to the repetitiveness of the border. I'm about half way done with the border. I think I will have just enough yarn.

My mind is wandering to the next project. Another shawl? Finally make that cardigan for myself? A sweater for one of the kids? More socks? I'm having trouble deciding. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you could make your favorite brother-in-law something!! :-) A rad tobogan or cool socks! Kim, Dillan, and I got a new laptop this past weekend...and I setup a wireless network system yesterday and am emailing you from the comfort of the couch. Now checking our email won't be such a pain! Our old computer was on it's last leg. Well, it's past my bedtime keep warm! Darrel