August 24, 2007

SOS #21 and a few answers

82407aNow this was a very quick pair of socks to knit. It did help that I was doing this while reading. I've read around 185 pages and knit a pair of socks. I wonder how many pairs of socks would it take if I knit them while reading? This pair was fun to make since I made sure to line up the stripes on both socks. I did knit both socks at the same time. I use a Turkish cast-on. When I start that, I just make sure to put the slip knot in the same place. For these socks it was right at the beginning of the green color. I've never gotten the knot at the side that some people get when using the slip knot. I think it has something to do with undo-ing the knot under or over the yarn that you're working with.

82407bI LOVE how the heels turned out on these socks. I was so thrilled with the results that I showed Dwight. His response was, "did you do that on purpose?" Well, yes I did. When it came time for the heel, I knit 2-3 rows of the red and then started the heel. I usually do short row heel down to 12 stitches, but I didn't on these socks. Instead, I kept wrapping and turning until I came to the end of the green. There were 14 stitches at that point. That was close enough to my 'regular' heel, so I started to go back the other way with the pink. It turned out that when the red joined back with the other red, it was very close to the original striping pattern. If you look at the socks from the front, the stripes aren't interrupted.

Yarn: Vesper sock yarn in Aqua Melon
Needle: size 0 (2mm) Addi Turbo
Method: magic loop, two at once, turkish cast-on, short row heel
Pattern: plain ole stockinette
Start: August 22, 2007
Finish: August 23, 2007

And now time to answer some questions:

The stitch pattern for socks #20 are these four rows:
1: p1, (k5, p2) four times, k5, p1
2: k1, (slip 5 with yarn in front, k2) four times, slip 5 wyif, k1
3: p1, (k5, p2) four times, k5, p1
4: k3, (put needle under loose strand and knit next stitch, k6) four times, put needle under loose strand and knit next stitch, k3

And now I'll attempt to describe the Outlander series. It's been a long time since I've read the first four books. The very basic story is that there is a modern day woman that travels back in time and has many adventures. Now if you want to put the book in a category, I would call it a historical fiction. It also has a bit of fantasy and romance in it too, but the emphasis is on the historical part. The books are long and very detailed. In the book that I'm reading right now, it's set in the years right before the American Revolutionary War and the leading character knows the war is coming. It's interesting reading about someone that knows history and is experiencing it. Ugh, I should have brushed up and read the other 4 over again, but I don't have time for that.


Anonymous said...

Those are SO cute! I need to copy these case I ever get brave enough to try! I especially love the colors!

Jen said...

I love, love these stripies!! Sooo cute. Remeindes me of the "Strawberry Shortcake" doll. :)

Jen said...

As usual, great job! I'm way impressed with how the stripes continue properly on past the heel. I'd have to break the yarn, I'm sure. ;)