October 29, 2007

Secret shawl progress and FO pictures

102707a 102707b

On the left is what the Secret of Chrysopolis looks like after 5 clues. It's now around 51 inches long with 3 more clues to go. It looks like this stole will be symmetrical. I like how the center medallion turned out. Dwight thought it looked like a monkey's face after clue 4.

On the right is what the Secret of the Stole looks like after 4 clues. Clue 4 is where we got to make some decisions about length. I decided to just do mine as the pattern/chart is written and not make any changes. After this clue, it measures around 40 inches long.

I can't wait until Friday. Maybe I should knit each clue slower and make them last the whole week. No, I don't think I can do that. Whenever I start a new clue, I get really focused on it. I usually don't like having two lace projects on the needles at the same time, so that might be a reason for wanting to finish each clue as fast as possible.

I have finished a few things on the side. I've made two more pair of socks for E. These were made out of Vesper in Strange Little Mama and Yarn Pirate in Primrose. The primrose socks were knit in the Baby Fern pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks.

102907a 102907b

102907cI've also done a bit of sewing too. My poor sewing machine has been very neglected this summer. I did give it a good dusting and oiling before sewing. It still gave me fits while trying to sew through three layers of vinyl. This bag is from the Vogue 8098 pattern. I picked it because it looks roomy enough for my regular stuff, my camera, and my knitting. I picked vinyl because I wanted a sturdy bag. I've tried using upholstery fabric with heavy interfacing, but those were still too flimsy for my tastes. This bag turned out to be very close to what I want. It's final dimensions are 12 inches wide x 9 inches tall (on the side sections) x 6 inches wide.

I did make some changes to the pattern. I added the rectangular metal rings to the handles. This is so the handles will fold over to the sides when I want them out of the way for knitting. I added an interior zippered pocket to the main section of the bag. I also added magnetic snaps to the two large side sections.

102907d 102907e

If I decide to make this bag again, I would make even more changes. I would also add some plain patch type pockets to the main center section of the bag. That part is so cavernous that my keys and wallet get lost in there. I would also only use the lining fabric for the lining of the side sections. See how there is vinyl on the inside too? Well that was a pain and I don't think it's necessary. The pocket seems too thick and bulky.

Up next, I'm working on another pair of leg warmers for E. She's been constantly wearing the other ones and they need to be washed. ;-)


Anonymous said...

The Secret of Chrysopolis center medallion looks like an ancient rune that would be found in Tomb Raider. No more monkeys.

And some other improvements for the Vogue 8098 "V-8 engine" bag:
- ribbing to imitate spark plug wires
- OR spark plug wires as the handles?
- a round pocket in the front like the front engine cam...

Let me know if you want more ideas!

Nautical Knitter said...

Both of your stoles are just beautiful! Way to go! I am busy designing the next Secret of the Stole and trying to finish up my Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl. Love the lace knitting. Is it Friday yet?