November 6, 2007

Brought to you by the letter S

Three S's if you want to count. Today, we have a stole, stole, and scarf.

11507aThis is my Secret of Chrysopolis after 6 clues. Only two clues left to go! Clue 6 was the reverse of clue 3. I'm tempted to try to reverse clues 2 and 1 to get clues 7 and 8, but I'll probably wait. It is around 60 inches long and getting to be a pain to turn at the end of rows, but it is so pretty. I've used almost all of the second ball of yarn. That puts me at having used 120 gms of yarn.

I have finished the Secret of the Stole up to clue 5, but I haven't taken a picture of it. It was just more of the circles, with the last few rows changing in the center. I had to pay close attention and not zoom past those changes. These stoles are getting huge and it's taking a long time to pin them out for pictures. I don't like posting pictures of lace blobs, so this one will just be picture-less for this week. This stole has used almost all of the 62.5 gm ball of yarn.

11507bI have started another project. This is what I've been working on in between stole clues. This is Henry from the current issue of Knitty. I'm using Colourmart 2/16 cashmere in a dark olive-ish green color. This scarf is meant for Dwight, but I have several back ups if he doesn't like it. One being me! The more I knit on this scarf, the more I want to keep it.

The yarn is oiled and doesn't feel much like cashmere while I'm knitting it. If it weren't for the yummy swatch that I washed, I wouldn't be that motivated to work on this. This yarn blooms and gets so soft after washing. I washed the swatch with dish soap and very hot water. I soaked it, scrubbed it, and swished it around. That's not something I would do with any cashmere yarn, but it's necessary with this yarn.

11507cThe pattern is not really the mindless knitting that I thought it would be. The rows are 452 stitches long. Tinking is a pita. You probably don't want to know how I know that. :-/ I've started to check (almost obsessively) if the little dashes (slipped stitches) are lining up several times on each row. This picture was taken after 2.5 repeats of the 24 row stitch pattern. The pattern calls for 7 repeats, but right now that seems like it would be too wide. Maybe it just looks wide because it's squished onto a 36 inch circular.

I've already taken out the provisional cast-on. I didn't want to wait until the end to find out that it doesn't look good or doesn't work. I took it out after one repeat and it looked awfully loopy. That was fixed by yanking on the loose end and now everything looks neat. Phew!


Octopus Knits said...

The stole is just gorgeous - I'm hoping the pattern becomes available afterwards. Wow, that's a lot of stitches for the scarf : )

JM said...

A great feature of that shawl is the edging-as-you-go. It's beautiful. Way too many stitches for the scarf. My husband would lose it somewhere and have to be killed.