January 28, 2008

Gothic Irtfa'a has flown off the needles


Irtfa'a is finished! Actually, it was finished last week and I had to wait for the floor to clear to have enough room to block it. I love this shawl. The design is just beautiful!! This is my first faroese shaped shawl. How do you pronounce faroese? The pattern was really well written and so easy to follow. But this one was never boring. Those rows got really long, but I never grew tired of knitting them. It's not just the pattern, but I love the yarn too. This is Dream in Color's Baby (lace) yarn in Gothic Rose. It's such a tricky color to photograph. This is what it looks like in direct sunlight. It's really a darker color with very subtle shades here and there.

12808f 12808j 12808i 12808h 12808g

Those are some detail shots that I took for putting up on ravelry. The bottom edging starts at the very tips of the "wings" and is knitted onto lives stitches until they meet in the center. I wasn't sure about my grafting, but I think it looks alright.

Pattern: Irtfa'a by Anne Hanson (knitspot)
Yarn: Dream in Color Baby in Gothic Rose(1.75 skeins)
Needles: size 3 Knitpicks Classic Circular for the neck edge and edging, size 4 Knitpicks Options for the rest
Start: January 14, 2008
Finish: January 25, 2008

12808aI've finally gotten around to taking a photo of E's fingerless gloves. She requested ones where the fingers are separate. She says that they're loose, but I did that on purpose. I want these to last a bit and hopefully she'll still like them when they fit how she requested. I followed a generic glove pattern and just didn't finish the fingers. If I were to make these again, I would shorten the thumb and make the cuff longer. Fingerless gloves seems to be my thing right now. Lace is still around, but I need something to do while waiting for the next clues.

12808bI have some fingerless mittens that I made from a pattern in Interweave. I like them, but I wanted another pair that was more snug, had actual fingers, and in thinner yarn. This is what I made! I used one of my favorite stitch patterns and tried to adapt that into a glove. It was working until I hit the fingers. I don't like how the fingers are just plain up there. I'm going to leave this one because I like how this glove fits. The yarn is Wollmeise sockenwolle in Drachenblut. I'm using a size 0 Addi Turbo and it's make a nice, snug, and comfortable fingerless glove. In fact when I was outside taking these pictures, I left this glove on my left hand while taking pictures of the shawl. This hand was nice and warm while my right hand was cold.

Now, I'm off to knit the second glove.


Anonymous said...

The gloves are very nice......the shawl is amazing! WOW! I love the design and the beautiful soft color. GORGEOUS! You did a fabulous job as always!

Heather said...

I agree. The gloves are really beautiful. But that shawl...breathtaking! You really did a wonderful job. And so fast! I've tried so many times to knit this faroese pattern I have and it is just too hard.

anne said...

oh WOW! irtfa'a looks sensational and i love the yarn (i had not previously heard of that one, but wow). great job and thank you for the comp'iments on the pattern!

Jessica said...

The shawl is amazingly gorgeous. You did a fantastic job. I'm blown away by how fast you knit it, but I suppose that given how fast you knit through the socks during the Summer of Socks, I shouldn't be surprised. The shawl is so beautiful. Great job.