March 9, 2008

Snow, teeth, and more knitting

Is this what March looks like? Looking through my old digital pictures, I can see that we usually get a dusting of snow. This probably isn't our last snow either. Almost every year, we get a little bit of snow after the azaleas have bloomed. We got a bit of the snow storm that came through yesterday. We got around 5 inches of snow and thankfully not the 20 inches that Ohio received. The birds love coming to the bird feeder when it's snowing. Yesterday, we had birds all over our trumpet vines and the ground underneath the feeder. I spent a lot of time watching them. These pictures were taken through our kitchen window.

We had something exciting happen last weekend. E lost another tooth. She has a cute gap toothed smile now. She was very brave. The tooth has been very loose for a few days and she finally let Dwight give it a few tugs. She said that it didn't hurt that much and no tears were shed. I think she was more focused on what the tooth fairy was going bring. She does know that the tooth fairy is me, but I play along and pretend that the tooth fairy is someone else. She gives me the funniest look when I talk about the tooth fairy. It's similar to the "come-on Mom, you're not fooling me" look.

The tooth right next to it is ready to come out too. She's working on it, but it will probably be at least another week. This picture was taken last Monday, when it reached 70 degrees. It's been a crazy spring weather week with temperatures that high and ending with snow.

3708bIn knitting, I'm slowly making progress on Arabian Nights. This picture was taken a few days ago when I was 70 rows into the second set of charts. This section goes faster than the first beaded section. As of Sunday afternoon, I've knit 120 rows out of 200. I wasn't sure if I liked the edging on the sides. It seemed so loose and floppy looking. After pinning it out, I've decided that I like it a lot. I like those large holes that it makes and the little loops with beads on them. Here are some closer shots of those sections.

3708d 3708e

I've started a few other projects too. I started the NHM #3 mittens from Selbuvotter for E. I'm knitting them out of a Cherry Tree Hill solid in pink and Knit Picks Bare. The mittens are done except for their thumbs. I'm not too happy with my stranding. I need more practice to stop the puckering. I think it might have something to do with switching between projects too. I'm also knitting the chick/egg toy from the Play! issue of Craft magazine. So far, I only have the chick body and half of the egg knitted. I want to make two of them for Easter.

Busy, busy, back to knitting...


Siamese Catfood said...

The lace looks beautiful, and I really love the beads that you chose!

Susan Pandorf said...

That edging looks so floppy until it is blocked out.

Then it comes into its own...