October 31, 2008

Trick or treat

We went trick or treating last night with friends. Here are my two scary pirates. Okay, maybe not so scary.

Trick or treating was great. We went with friends and all of the kids had fun. No one was cranky or tired this year. All of them got a lot of candy.

D has been a pirate for three years now. I changed his costume with a few added pieces. E was a pirate king (queen according to D). D thought it was great that he got a mustache and some eye make-up. E was thrilled with wearing make-up for the first time. They were both not so happy when it was time to scrub it off.

D did get a new pirate hat. He wanted the front to have the pirate symbol from the Pirates That Don't Do Anything movie. He also got to carry the wooden sword this year. I made that last year, but felt it might be too dangerous for him to carry it. This year, he knew not to swing it around anyone. hahaha! I made him a bag for his candy that looks like a treasure map. There's a boat on one side with a trail that goes to an "X" on the other side with jewels.

E got a pirate crown that sort of matches the one from the movie. A lot of hot glue was used to hold that together. I also made her a bag to match her outfit. I haven't sewn in a long time and it was fun! I do need to make a new bag for my new camera.

It was cool and the kids had to wear a few layers underneath their costume. No one complained of the cold. It helped that they ran from house to house.

I keep meaning to blog more, but get distracted. I bought a new camera. My old Canon Pro1 started acting up on our train trip. I looked around and it wasn't worth it to get it fixed. I tried out a Canon sx10 IS and didn't like it. It didn't feel sturdy and it was much bigger than the Pro1. If I wanted a big camera, I might as well get a dslr. And that's what I got. I ended up with the Canon rebel XSI/450D. So far, I'm pretty happy with it. I've been learning a lot more about what settings are appropriate for certain light conditions. I've also had to mess with a lot of other settings to get the pictures how I like them. I'm still using the basic lens that comes in the kit, but time will tell what other lenses I'll want. ;-)

In knitting, I just finished my Fiore de Melanzana stole. I need to photograph it, but was too busy with Halloween costumes. I'm trying to finish up other projects that have been sitting around. I started a pair of modified Monkey socks for E a long time ago. I realized that I need to finish them soon before she out grows them. I also have a shawl and a scarf already on the needles. I'm not sure if I'll work on those or start thinking about gift knitting. I probably should start the gift knitting, but I need to make a list first.

To end this, here are a few more Halloween pictures...


Jeanne said...

Very cute!

Octopus Knits said...

They look great :)