March 25, 2011

Knit and release

You know those fishing shows where they catch something really cool and then let it go? That's what it feels like I've been doing for the last month.

I've been working on a few designs and knit a few samples. And then they're off in the mail. Since the last blog post, I've complete 6 more pairs of socks. Most of them can't be shown. Sample knitting is pretty cool. It's like getting a "behind the scenes" view into what a design goes through. Plus, I get to knit cool stuff, but don't have to keep it. Yes, I have too many socks in this house.

Spring is teasing us. We've had a few warm days where we could actually open the window. And then we have a chance of snow this weekend.

I'm on week 3 of no chicken or beef. I wanted to mention it because it's not feeling like that big of a sacrifice since I'm not really missing them. I've never really liked touching raw chicken. I usually let my husband grill it so I don't have to handle it at all. And with beef, I stick with ground beef that can just be thrown into a pot. Eating out has been interesting. I've been forced to order more veggie based things and have found a few new favorites! I usually order a chicken fajita quesadilla at my favorite Mexican restaurant, but now I've tried their spinach quesadilla and it's just as yummy.

I had to give my hands a little rest, but I should probably get back to knitting.

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