September 1, 2006

Casting on more silk

I finished another pair of socks. These are made out of Fortissima Graffiti. It was a lesson on gauge and tension for me. Those black lines are supposed to be diagonals. Oh well. The grey lines turned out decent enough. I didn't feel like frogging and trying it again, so I left it. I kind of like it like that. I have two other colorways of this same yarn to play around with. Maybe I'll get the diagonal lines on one of those. This yarn was really cheap and it shows. The dye job wasn't that good. You could see splotches of undyed areas. Plus, the dye just seemed to be on the surface of the yarn and not all the way through. I still like them though. These socks are thick and very sturdy feeling. Not very soft, but these feel like they will last forever.



I started working on the hat for D's pirate costume. I did a mock-up and it turned out so cute! I'll work on that more sometime this weekend. I'm hoping to finish up E's costume first and not have to come back to it again later.

I said that I wouldn't cast on, but I did. hahaha! I have some Cherry Tree Hill Cascade Silk lace yarn in the Dusk colorway. I'm making another Icarus out of it. My last Icarus was airy. I wanted something a little more dense. I'm knitting this using Knitpicks size 2 circulars. I like what I'm getting so far. Pictures to come some time this weekend when I have more than a tiny triangle to show.

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