August 26, 2006

Finished socks

I've finally taken some pictures of the socks that I finished this past week. I also took a picture of the finished Seasilk stole. It's soooooo nice. Yes, that's me. I didn't feel like putting one of those pictures up where my head is out of the shot. So, you get a no make-up, lazy Saturday morning picture of me.


I finished this first one a while ago, but just took my time taking pictures. It's a plain sock, but I was impressed that I managed to get two pairs of socks out of two skeins of knitpicks sock garden. This is the Zinnia colorway.


I bought a lot of the knitpicks yarn when it first went on sale. This is the Daffodil Parade. It's a sport weight yarn and that makes a very sturdy sock. I've made one pair that has been washed cold and dried hot many times. Those show no signs of wear yet and not much fuzziness either. This one, I made using the welt fantastic pattern from the book Sensational Knitted Socks. I made it without the purl rows.


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