August 23, 2006

Mermaids, pirates, socks, and seasilk

I've finished a pair of socks out of Regia cotton surf yarn. I've worked with this before, but in a different color. I like it, but it does come out a bit different than wool/nylon sock yarn. When casting off, I had to cast off tightly or the top would ruffle. It's still ruffling a little. I think I had too many stitches. I'll try my next cotton blend sock yarn with fewer than 64 stitches around.

Seasilk ends have been woven in. I don't trust that they will stay, but it's done. I'm hoping to take some pictures tomorrow.

Halloween costumes have been picked. My daughter wants to be a mermaid. I think that will be a fun costume to make. I found a pattern that we liked and we're off! I've already made a mock-up and it fits pretty good. I'm going to have to make some adjustments with the elastic, but that's pretty much it. Thank goodness. Sewing for my petite daughter usually requires a lot of altering of patterns. And since being a mermaid on Halloween might be a bit chilly, I'm planning on making her a seaweed looking wrap to wear over it too.

My son is going to be a pirate. We wanted to pick something that might go along with mermaids, besides fish and other sea creatures. While looking at piratey patterns, I found one thing that I didn't like. How often do you find a squeaky clean pirate? I think I'm going to distress the costume a little. That should be interesting. One good thing about a dirty, distressed costume, I won't have to worry about my 2.5 year old getting it dirty. If it gets a rip, no problem!

I said that I won't start any big knitting projects, but I am going to start another pair of socks.

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