August 9, 2006

Testing new waters

I'm trying to find a place that I want to use. I have posted some of my completed items at another journal type thing, but haven't been completely happy with it. I'm hoping that I like the way this is organized better.

What am I working on? I'm working on Mystery Stole 2 over on the yahoo group. I should get the final clue this Friday and be finished with it sometime this weekend or early next week. I'm eager to finish it and see what it looks like. Plus, I want to dive in and try out the new silk yarn that I just bought. I'm also working on a Snuggle Cardigan from the book And So To Bed. It's coming along slowly because the yarn is torture on my hands. It's a wool/hemp mixture. And of course, I have a sock going. It's just a plain sock that I can work on anywhere without needing a pattern. It easily fits into my purse too.

I'm off to see if I can customize this place further...

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