August 10, 2006

Experimenting with beading

I finished the chart 5 on both sides of Mystery Stole 2. I just need to get the new and final clue tomorrow to be able to finish it! In the meantime, I want to make something with beads in it. My Mom saw my Seaweed Stole and liked it. I want to make her something similar. I did start out doing Tendrils again or even doing the Seaweed Stole again. But I just can't. I want to do something different and new. I pulled out my two Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries and flipped through those. I came up with a few that I like and tried to figure out how I wanted to add beads to them. Then, I'm trying to combine a few different stitches to see how they would look together. I think this will be a stole, but I haven't decided if I'm going to use fingering weight yarn or lace weight yet. I did decided that I want to put the beads one with a crochet hook. I like how the beads stay where you place them.

Then Snuggle Cardigan has been put away indefinitely. I tried working on it again yesterday and I just don't like that yarn. I want to take it out completely and make that cardigan out of a better yarn. That leaves me many skeins of wool/hemp yarn without a purpose. What to do with it? I think that yarn is better suited for plain knitting and not something with cables.

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