September 13, 2006

I-cord day

That's where I'm stuck. You know, like the movie Groundhog Day? I've been working on this i-cord for two days now on the Pirate booty bag. The bag is done. The part that was the quickest to do was the skulls. The handles seemed endless. Now, I just need to get the miles and miles of i-cord done. I really want to felt this thing and see how it turns out. It looks gigantic right now. I'll take a picture before and after felting.

Knitting did take a long break this past weekend. I worked on the little pirate costume and only that all weekend. I managed to finish the shirt, pants, vest, sash, scarf, hat, and fake boots. I only need to sew the bag and that costume will be complete.

Fall Knitty came out. Yikes! There are a few lovely sock patterns. Luckily, I just bought some solid colored sock yarn. I'll add that to my "I want to knit this" list.

Some friends are having a baby in October. I plan on making a baby sweater, hat, and socks out of Knitpicks shine sport. I just decided this since the yarn is on sale this week. I like knitting baby things. They're so quick to finish and are so cute.

No pictures...must get back to the i-cord. Arrrrrrr... ;-)

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