September 20, 2006

Red Scarves

92006aI've been trying to fill my time knitting smaller things right now. I'm waiting on my Knitpicks order. I need that yarn to knit some baby presents. Until then, I'm knitting scarves. I read about the Red Scarf Project and decided to use my red bulky aplaca yarn for that. I have 8 skeins of red bulky alpaca yarn that my husband brought back from China last year. I haven't found a way to use them for myself. I already have too many scarves. I'm not used to knitting with bulky yarn. It was fun starting and finishing a project in one day.

92006cThis is Red Scarf #1. It's made out of the bulky red yarn. I used exactly 2 skeins with nothing left. The scarf is 5.5" wide by 62" long unblocked. I started and finished this scarf this past Sunday. I used the four stitch check pattern from The Knitter's Bible. I think it's the same or similar to a basketweave stitch pattern. I cast on 20 and just knit until I ran out of yarn.

92006bThis is Red Scarf #2. I started it right after I finished the first one. It is made out of Paton's Classic Wool in Rich Red. I used 2 skeins and it ended up 5" wide by 67" long unblocked. It took me around 2.5 days to knit this one. I used the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern. This is my first time finishing this pattern. Yes, I said finish. I attempted this once before when I first started knitting again last year. I found it tedious with a cabling needle. Now, I don't use a cabling needle and everything moves so much faster now. I also knit a bit looser and that helps.

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