September 24, 2006

Small projects all around

92306aI've finally made a washcloth. I had this cotton in my stash for some crochet project that never happened. I have wanted to try entrelac, so the garterlac pattern was perfect. I taught myself how to knit backward when I did the Seaweed stole. That came in handy for doing entrelac without turning repeatedly. Knitting a washcloth was fun. It was very quick and the pattern was easy to follow. I haven't used the washcloth yet, but I think my kids have claimed it for their bath. I have already made two more in the peppermint colorway and using the same garterlac pattern. I did these to get rid of the yarn and to keep myself busy until my Knitpicks order arrived. I also finished the shawl for E's costume and started a fuzzy pink shawl. That one might is just for fun. E will probably add it to her dress up clothes.

92306bHere is the start of a sweater for a baby girl due at the end of October. I'm using Knitpicks shine in orchid and blush. I plan on making a sweater, hat, and socks. If there is time and yarn left, I want to make a small bear or some kind of toy. The sweater pattern is from a book titled Bouncing Baby Knit Wardrobe. This is my first time using Shine and I like it. After knitting the garterlac washcloth, I wasn't sure if I would want to knit with any kind of cotton for a while. This cotton is really soft and not stiff at all. It is also shiny and slippery. I'll have to be careful with how I weave in the ends and hope that they don't slip free.

92306cI'm working on the mate for this sock. This is my take along project and I haven't been working on it that much. The pattern is the Lombard street socks from Magknits. This is my first time doing a picot edge. The edge was finicky when I had to fold it over, but I love how it looks. It seems to do a pretty good job holding the sock up too. I'm knitting this with Knitpicks essential in pumpkin. It's a nice fall color. I think finishing this pair will kick off Socktoberfest.

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