October 27, 2006

Down the hill, up the hill

I love this time of year. It's probably one of the times of year that I actually like to hike down to our mailbox. Yes, it does feel like a hike too. It's especially beautiful to walk down there when the sun is setting and coming through the trees. It was a cloudy day when I took these pictures, but you can see the colors best on a cloudy day.

101806gGoing down... It doesn't look that steep from this angle. It's not fun walking down on a rainy day. When it's really dry, the gravel tends to shift under your feet and that can lead to a nasty slip. The leaves don't help you with your footing either. The kids are almost always running ahead of me.

101806jGoing up...Yes, this looks much steeper. This is actually the second hill. The first hill is steeper than the second, but the trees aren't as pretty on that part. See the tiny dark rectangle on the right...that's the house.

Knitting? I've stalled on the Moderne Baby Blanket. I've gone back to my Socktoberfest work. This time, I'm working on Cablenet and using Cherry Tree Hill's really bright pink yarn.

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