October 5, 2006

Feather and fan socks complete

10506aHere is the finished feather and fan sock. I use Wendy's pattern(pdf file) and yarn from Jojoland. This yarn was a 65% wool and 35% cashmere blend. I haven't seen this kind of yarn at the ebay store lately. I do have some of the cashmere and merino blend and that's definitely a different type of yarn. This yarn is very springy and stretchy. I knit this on size 0 needles and still had to knit very tightly. If I had smaller needles, I would have tried them.

10506b Details
Needles: 32" size 0 Knitpicks circular
Yarn: handpainted(?) wool and cashmere blend from Jojoland
pattern: Wendy's feather and fan
toe: Turkish cast-on starting with 12 wraps
heel: short row heel down to 12
changes to pattern: I increased the toe to 72 total stitches instead of following the pattern.
Would I knit this pattern again: Yes, but I would want to have the feather and fan on the top of the foot too.
Time: Not sure. I knit this sock on and off for about a week.

What is up next? I don't know. We'll be away on vacation starting tomorrow. It took me the longest time to figure out what sock yarns and patterns to take with me. I will most likely stick to simple socks. I did take some directions for an entrelac sock. We'll see if I have enough quiet time to figure that out.


Cathi said...

I am so glad that Lolly linked to your page- you do amazing work!

Mama Bear said...

I followed Lolly's link to your page! Your lace knitting is beautiful and you obviously have patience do add all those beads to the mix!

The costumes are great! I love the little pirate! Maybe because a small pirate lives at my house too :)

Great work!