October 17, 2006

Playing catch-up

We're back. It was a very nice vacation. We had fun company, good food, good drinks, good weather, nice room, good shopping, and an overall good time. The kids had a ton of fun, but I didn't do much knitting. I did finish one pair of Cherry tree hill super glitz socks and half of a pair of Knitpicks parade socks. I did sneak in a little lace knitting. I'm making Kiri out of some Cherry tree hill cascade silk. It is nice, but it's taking forever. I did get to go to a bookstore and bought Vogue's holiday issue and the Mason Dixon Knitting book. Looking at it on the internet, I wasn't interested in it. But at the bookstore, it kept pulling my attention back to it. I sat on the floor and flipped through a lot of knitting books too.

That Mason Dixon book is evil. Now I want to make my kids matching blankets. They share a room and we just finished making them a loft bed. There is a twin on top and a full sized bed on the bottom. I'm thinking of doing the modern blanket. Both blankets will have the same pattern and maybe a few similar colors. The twin will be more girly and the full one more boyish. Plus, I want them colorful. Ahhhhh... if only I had the time. I spent a few hours online looking for comforters that would give me the look that I want. I found...nothing. It was disappointing. Mabye I should just let the kids pick out whatever, even if it doesn't exactly go together. Maybe I should just start the blankets and slowly work on them here and there. Hmmm, I'll have to think on it more.

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