December 23, 2006

Pattern drafting fun

I've sewn several small bags since I've last posted. They are so much fun to make. They're very quick. I just finished drafting one pattern and tested it out on some grid fabric. It looks okay so far, but I'll have to wait until I test it out on real fabric with interfacing. I need to figure out what to do to make it keep it's shape--plastic canvas, top stitching, piping, or more interfacing. I have a background in architecture. Making this pattern reminded me how much I missed the drafting part of architecture. I almost don't want to fully test this first pattern and go start drafting a different one. But I know that I must test them. I'll probably do that sometime later today.

I've been slacking with my picture taking. I haven't even taken pictures of E or D in a few days. I'm sure the grandparents will start emailing me soon and asking about pictures. Well, I'll definitely get pictures taken of them in their Christmas outfits.

I've been knitting on the sampler shawl during the day and working on the patterns in the evening. The shawl is coming along great. I'm almost towards the center. I've been yarn shopping lately. I recently bought more sock yarn and I bought some of elann's super kydd yarn. I have wanted to try a mohair, but didn't want to splurge for the pricey ones just yet. I've read a few places that this one is pretty soft, so I'm going to try it out on one of the patterns in the Victorian Lace Today book. That will be after I finish my current projects. My sewing and knitting project list just keeps growing.

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