January 2, 2007

Back to normal?

Well, we're trying to get back to normal after the holidays. We do most of the holiday festivities, but we don't do the massive present opening thing. Why? It just seems like that is all the holidays are focused on now. You must buy something for everyone. Kids are supposed to get a million presents--all on one day. I don't like that. Our kids have a lot of toys and clothes. It just seems unnecessary to give them a lot more. But yet, I do find myself missing it. Missing the excitement that I remember from when I was little. But my parents did things differently. I regularly buy things for E and D and just give it to them. Why? I like to do that. I like to give them toys or gifts at random times throughout the year without having to do it on certain days--birthdays or Christmas. I was thinking of doing presents next Christmas. But that just seems so materialistic...

Back to crafting news...I managed to sew 7 small bags that are E's size and two handbags that would be something that I would carry. What am I planning on doing with these? Well, selling them of course. I'm still refining the shapes and sewing methods. I think that I'm finally happy with the pattern that I made.

I'm still working on the Sampler Shawl. I'm beyond the halfway point of the main portion. Once I get the center done, I think it might go in a box for a while. I have to many other things to work on right now. I did start a pair of plain stockinette socks for myself. I do like lace, cabled, or color work socks, but I find that I wear the stockinette ones the most.

I haven't started on E's birthday dress-up clothes yet. I did decide on what to make. Now, it's just a matter of digging through my fabrics and finding the right ones. That's not an easy task.

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