December 12, 2006

Sewing urges

My knitting is progressing. There are no pictures because it's not a significant change from the last update. The lace is around 10 rows longer. The entrelac is maybe one row of squares longer.

I'm starting to think about birthday presents. My daughter turns 6 in a few months. She's always talking about dress-up clothes. Her present for her 5th birthday was a big hit. She got circle skirts, purses, beaded necklaces, boa scarves, and capes. She has used at least one thing from that set every day since her last birthday. I think that I'm going to make her some dresses for this next dress-up set. I'm also thinking about making a hooded cape. She has one that she wears when we go out, but would probably love one for dress-up. I might go fancier with whatever I sew this time. That means more sheer overlays, more lace, more trims. Some of last years skirts were plain and some had a lace edging. She likes the ones with lace better.

I did think about knitting the doll from the And So To Bed book, but I don't think I'm going to do that. That's a lot of work and I'm afraid it would get lost with all of the other dolls in E's room. She would appreciate the dress-up clothes more. So now, it's time for planning. I need to dig out the patterns and all of the fabric. I shouldn't need to buy much. There's plenty of fabric in that closet.

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