January 28, 2007

Mystery yarn yardage?

12807gHmmm, I'm trying to figure out what to knit next. I have two balls of this very pretty red laceweight yarn from China. My husband brought it back for me, so I don't know it's exact origins. It's a fine laceweight, but I don't think it's cobweb. It seems to be machine washable. I've knit a purple Icarus(Interweaver Summer 06) with it and was unable to do a spit splice. It does reek when burnt and seems to be an animal fiber. I want to make another shawl out of Victorian Lace Today, but I need to figure out approximately how many yards are on each ball.

12807d 12807e

The label doesn't really help me. I get that it has 62.5 of something. I'm thinking that's grams. I thought the 100% might be for wool content, but then there is the 10% next to it. When I knit Icarus with it, it wouldn't spit splice. I was able to block it and it has kept it's block after repeated wearings. As far as laceweight yarns go, I really like this one. And I'm getting more!!! I would be nice to know the yardage though before diving into a project.

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Brenda said...

I asked Liming in my lab to translate the Chinese. It is 62.5 g, but there is no mention of yardage or length. It says it is 100% Australian wool, and the 10% means it will shrink 10% when washed. The fancy characters to the left of that info translate to "I love wool!"