January 25, 2007

Socks and sewing

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I didn't want to brave the cold outside and just took pictures indoors. These are the socks that I've worked on or finished in the last two weeks. Not bad for stash busting. I'm taking a break from socks now. My current knitting project is a plain garter stitch shawl for E out of grape TLC Amore. E picked it out and I made her a sweater out of it last year. Now, I'm trying to use up the leftovers to make a shawl. She's specifically requested a big shawl. I think she will get that, unless I get bored of this project.

In more exciting news, I've been sewing! I finished 4 skirts for E today. They are an early birthday present. I can't count the times that she's thanked me for them already. It's so nice to see her totally appreciate something that I made for her. I made her many dress-up clothes for her birthday last year, but they were a surprise. For the past year, she's worn at least one of them for probably 6 out of 7 days each week. This year, I let her pick out the fabrics from my stash. I also added lace or eyelet trim to all of these. I think she had fun picking out the fabrics. I'm in the process of making a dress. If that goes smoothly, I plan on making a few of those for E to add to her dress-up stuff. Pictures to come when I can get E to brush her hair. ;-)

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