February 17, 2007

I'm free!

Free from the responsibility of watching E and D. My husband just returned from a 3 week business trip. What a relief! Watching E and D has been stressful for the last week. Things went surprisingly smoothly for the first two weeks. E and D played well and they listened to me. But towards the end, I think we were all getting tired of each other. Now they have Daddy back and they are happily playing outside in the snow.

21707d21707cDwight brought back yarn! This is the same yarn that I'm using for the knitted veil in the post below. I like this yarn a lot and it's a shame that I can't order it from anywhere off of the internet. It's so smooth and easy to knit. Dwight paid attention and bought more colors and more balls of each color. This red is a different red than the one I'm currently working with. This red is more tomato-ish and my current one is a deeper, darker red. The labels are a little different, but there is still no yardage information on it. I should have asked him to ask the people at the store. Oh well. With at least 4 balls of each, I should be able to make a nice sized shawl out of any of the colors.

21707kHe also bought a knitting book. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a pattern book or a stitch pattern book. This book has knit and crochet items in it. There are many pictures of sweaters, vests, skirts, shawls, scarves, hats, and bags. There are stitch patterns for every item, but there are only a few schematic drawings with measurements. There are no directions, no yarn information, or needle sizes. The pictures of the items are in color and on glossy paper.

21707o21707mThe patterns are a rougher, plain paper. This is an example of a pattern for a shawl. That's it. This is crammed onto one page with around 5-6 other patterns. I can probably decipher the shawl patterns, but I'm not sure about the sweaters. I haven't knit an adult sized sweater yet, so we'll have to see about that part in the future. The back of the book does have a very good section showing what all of the knitting symbols mean. Phew, at least I don't have to figure that part out. Even if I never knit a sweater, I'm happy to have this book. It will be great for ideas. I was also very surprised that Dwight bought me a book. The fact that he took the time to search for a knitting book is very sweet. He had some interesting things to say about the bookstore. He said that every chair was taken and people were reading. He said that the store felt more like a library and that all of the books looked thumbed through. My book was in great condition.

21707i21707hHe also brought back things for E and D. I don't know what they were more excited to have, their toys or the snacks. They think the snacks that Daddy brings back are pretty cool. Dwight doesn't go on many business trips, but it's a lot of fun when he brings back so many cool things.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's home, too! The yarn and treats are so much fun! ENJOY!
Hugs to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you like the new yarn!