February 22, 2007

Veil is progressing

I'm getting towards the end of the main section of the knitted veil. Just picture the same thing, but longer in the airy center portion. It's starting to get a bit boring, but the end is coming up. I like that section with the large diamonds. I could make the shawl longer, but I plan on following the pattern and see how it ends. It's interesting following two different sections of one chart. As long as I keep the magnets in place, I'm fine. We won't talk about the time where I forgot to move the magnets, knit the same row twice, didn't realize it until I was 10 rows away, and had to tink back. Ugh! I survived and the shawl is almost done. I'm guessing that it will take another week to finish at the rate I'm knitting.

Our snow has finally melted and the temperatures have been a little warmer. While this is great, that means I can't take anymore shawl in the snow photos. I'll have to scout out a new location.

My mind is wandering off to the next project. I'm planning on taking the plunge and knit myself a cardigan. I have some odds and ends colourmart cashmere in dark blue. I think it will be enough. The ultimate plan is to knit a plain cardigan very similar to a store bought one that I like. If that fits well, I plan on using the camel hair yarn to make a cabled version. I'll have a lot of swatching to do to see how many stitches I need to add to accommodate the cables. The camel hair yarn is just asking to be made into something classic looking and cabled.

My sewing projects have been cast aside for a while now. I have to do some modifications to the handbag pattern that I was making before I can continue. That left me unenthusiastic about sewing. I do need to start thinking about spring and summer dresses for E. I have plenty of fabrics. I just need to pair them up with a pattern that I want to use.

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