March 29, 2007

Allergies suck!

I'm still here and still knitting. Spring has hit us with the full force and after effects of the yellow dust that is everywhere. Yes, it's pollen. I'm allergic to just about everything out there. I'm miserable without any allergy medicine. My nose is runny, stuffy, and my eyes feel like they want to seal shut. The stuff that I take to make me somewhat functional is making my brain feel like it's in a fog. I get so drowsy that I need to take short naps. Even a 5 minute nap helps get rid of the fog.

I'm working on some socks out of Regia surf cotton/wool yarn. These are black, grey, and white striped. It's just a simple stockinette sock. I think that these will go to my sister. I keep forgetting that I need to cast-on less stitches for a cotton yarn. My other pairs that I made last year get so stretched out and out of shape. They get too baggy during the course of the day. My sister has larger feet than me, so these will go to her and I won't have to frog.

I'm working on the Cabled Down Raglan from the spring issue of Interweave Knits again. This time, I'm using some cashmere odds and ends from Colourmart. I wouldn't normally pick this yarn for this sweater, but I'm trying to use up stash yarns. The color is a very dark navy blue. It's so dark that it's almost black.

Because of the brain fog, I'm not knitting that much. It's so frustrating.

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