March 20, 2007

Bamboo 2--me 0

31607cThe bamboo wins again. Ugh. I tried making Spring Fling with it. I almost finished the back and it's huge! All of the bamboo is in a time out and I'm going to focus on socks and other projects for a bit. I think that I'll just stick with something plain for the bamboo yarn. I have ruled out cables and lace so far. I did like the pattern. I will have to keep that in mind for sometime in the future.

31607b 31607a

This yarn is from Black Bunny Fibers. I bought these a few weeks ago and love them. The yarn is very soft and the colors are wonderful. I bought the Juice(orange) color for myself and the Lichen(mossy/olive) color for Dwight. Yes, I'm going to attempt to knit socks for him again. He doesn't wear his other pair that often because he thinks they're a bit too crazy for him. He did wear them for St. Patrick's day because they are green. The orange is a very happy color. It was a welcome change after my bamboo disappointment. I knit some of the Monkey socks out of it and they turned out great! I'll post about those next time when I have pictures of the finished socks.

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Emma said...

Ooh, pretty yarn. I especially like Juice. good luck!