March 14, 2007

Summer sewing

IMG_6912This is the dress that I made for E last weekend. This was very quick to cut out and sew. I think it took around 2 hours from picking out the pattern and fabric to finishing the dress. I think it took me more time to pick out the pattern and fabric than it did for me to sew the dress. I like this pattern for several reasons. It doesn't have a zipper or buttons. It doesn't have interfacing. It's perfect for bumming around the house or wearing out of the house. I did make some changes. The dress was cut using the size 5 on the pattern, but the bottom was cut for the size 6 length. E is very slim and dresses fit her much better this way.

IMG_6905 IMG_6910

You can see the gap in the back in the picture above. After seeing her run around outside with the dress on, the gap isn't as bad as I thought it was. This dress doesn't gather, but has a more a-line look to it. This is much better for E. A lot of dresses look like they swallowed her. I plan on making a few more of these. Some will be out of nicer fabric and some will be for playing.

I'm posting the picture below because it instantly became one of my favorites of E. I love the way the sun made her eyes look in that picture. I have brown eyes and Dwight has grayish-blue eyes. E's eyes are a much lighter brown than mine.


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