April 10, 2007

Cable-Down Raglan complete!!

4807dI did try to get a picture of myself in the sweater, but it didn't work out and I didn't want to postpone writing about it. I wanted to get a few things down about this sweater before I forgot them. I like how this sweater turned out. It's not perfect, but it's really good. I made the sleeves longer. I shortened the body of the sweater when I realized how long it was going to be. If I had known that I was shortening it that much, I would have started the smaller cables sooner. Oh well.

4807e 4807g

Part of the problem was the yarn that I was using. I used Colourmart's oiled cashmere yarn. You must knit this yarn loosely and then wash it in hot soapy water. Because of that, I couldn't try on the sweater as I went. It did look huge before washing. It looks short in the picture, but sweater covers my tummy. My sweater ended up looser than the one pictured in the pattern, but I like it that way. I'm not one to wear clingy knits.

I would use this yarn again. It's a bit weird knitting it loose and then throwing the whole thing into a washing machine. I did try to hand wash the sweater first, but it wasn't enough. The sweater was still a bit rough feeling after the handwash. I don't think I got all of the oil out of it. I was brave after that and threw it in the wash with a few towels on warm wash/warm rinse. When it came out, it was very, very soft. I didn't try throwing it in the dryer. I laid it flat and it dried quickly. The color of the yarn is a very dark blue. The most accurate picture is the close-up detail shot of the cables.

Pattern:Cable-Down Raglan from Interweave Spring 07 issue
Yarn: Colourmart 4-ply cashmere (held double)
Needles: Size 6 Knitpicks Options
Start: March 26, 2007
Finished: April 4, 2007

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z's momma said...

Beautiful sweater. May I ask how many cones you used and what size you knit? thanks!