April 8, 2007

Late snow

4707cSnow? It was 84 degrees last Tuesday and now we're having days in the 30's again. I was ready for spring and then I remembered my allergies. Then the snow came and I thought I would get a break from my allergies, but they're still driving me crazy. I have it contained, but the allergy medicine makes me feel drowsy for about an hour and then cranky. Dwight wonders how that makes anything different. Funny--very funny.

4707bThere is a lot going on around here. We just got the samples for our floor. We have agreed(!!) on one of them, but Dwight wants to look around locally again. I can't wait to get started on that project. All of our little starters for our garden are sitting in the kitchen waiting for the weather to warm up again. I even brought in E's flower pots. All of those are now sprouting. I hope she gets some pretty flowers. I'm doing pretty good with the planting so far this year. I guess practice is good. So far, nothing has drowned from too much water or died from lack of water. ;-)

4607a 4707e 4707f

There has been a lot of knitting. I finished the Cable Down Raglan!! I took some in-the-mirror shots of it. I hope to get better shots when I wear it out on Sunday. I started and finished a little sweater vest for D. I used the cobalt blue bamboo yarn. There will be more details when I get a picture of D wearing it. And finally, I started another sock. This one is a pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks. I liked the stranded knitting patterns in her other sock book and wanted to start one right away when I saw these in the new book. The yarn is Knitpicks Palette. It's not usually an ideal sock yarn, but I like it for stranded or fair isle patterns.

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