April 25, 2007

Cloud factories

We went to a birthday party this past weekend. We had an adventurous day. We stopped by a lock and dam. We visited a wooden playground. And we drove right by a power plant. My three year old declared, "they making clouds!" I guess it does look like that's where clouds are made. Then, we had this conversation on Monday:

E: What are you doing?
me: It's supposed to rain today and I'm checking the weather.
E: It's not raining. They're wrong.
me: They might not be. It's getting cloudy outside.
D: That's because the factory is making clouds.
me: That's where the clouds come from?
D: Yes, the factory make clouds.

This conversation is typical around here. E is in a bossy and know it all stage. D usually tries to join the conversation, no matter what the topic. I need to write down more of the things he says.

In knitting, I finished the Luna Moth Shawl. It's currently blocking on the checkered green sheet that I always use. I plan on wearing it out Wednesday evening, so we'll see if I can get good pictures of it then. I've started messing around with beads and knitting again. There is a little wrist cuff thing in the May issue of Creative Knitting. I made one of those for E with some left over sock yarn. It was quick and easy. We'll see if E likes it in the morning. I'm also going to try the Emerald beaded bracelet. I plan on using some leftover silk laceweight and 8/0 beads. I haven't figured out which needles to use yet, but we'll see. I'm still stringing beads on the yarn.

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