April 19, 2007

Seawool socks quickly finished

41907cI finished another pair of socks. I ordered this yarn last Thursday, received it on Saturday, wound it up Tuesday, started knitting Wednesday, and finished the socks Thursday. I would say that this is the nicest sock yarn that I've knit with so far. This is the Seawool sock yarn from Fleece Artist in the Origin color. The color is most accurate in this first picture. It is very earthy looking. It has brown, a reddish-orangish color, and yellow. To me, this reminds me of what it looks like at sunset in the fall around here. I used my size 1 Knitpicks classic circular needles and didn't have any problem with splitting. There were odd bits of off-white fuzz here and there. I suspect this is the seacell bits. I had that happen when I knit a shawl out of their Seasilk yarn. Those fuzzy parts were easily pulled out and didn't make that area of the yarn any thinner. I did leave a few in and they're not that noticeable.

Yarn: Fleece Artist Seawool in Origin
Needles: size 1 Knitpicks for the socks and size 0 for the cuffs
Method: toe-up with Turkish cast-on
Pattern: used the lace pattern from the Monkey socks
Heel: short-row
Start: April 18, 2007
Finished: April 19, 2007

41907aI have used the Monkey pattern before and liked the stitch patterning on variegated yarn. I wanted to knit these toe-up. I just followed the chart and the stitch pattern is upside down in these socks. I think that I did manage to finish these socks so quickly because of the stitch pattern. It's easily memorized and keeps my attention better than plain stockinette.

I have another ball of Seawool ready to go, but I need to get back to the Luna Moth shawl. I will probably start another pair of socks as my in-the-car knitting, but that will be another gift pair like the one below.

Yarn: Regia Tip Top 4080
Needles: size 0 knitpicks classic circular
This pair is for my sister that insists everything be matchy-matchy. I thought she would go for a pair of funky socks, but nope. She won't even wear a pair of socks around the house that doesn't match her pajamas. My Mom has the same issue, so I need to dig in my stash for some neutral color. sheesh. ;-)

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