June 1, 2007

Arrrrrr, be these new shoes?

6107iYes, they arrrrrrrr. ;-) Why am I talking like this? I got to go see the latest Pirates movie, At World's End. It was great!!! I was surprised at the ending, but it was hinted at throughout the movie. I will definitely get the dvd when it comes out.

These are my new mary-jane Crocs. My sister tried out some of the regular ones, liked them, and bought these for me. I just got them today. I've always thought that Crocs were a bit ugly. These are okay looking, but I'm not looking for fabulous shoes. I want something comfortable for an upcoming trip. I wore these around the house a little. They're very comfortable and make me feel like I'm walking on a piece of foam. The shoes feel very light and feel cheaply made. I think that they're being light makes me think that way. Overall, I think they will be comfy and make good vacation shoes.

6107hThe socks are knit from a merino and tencel blend sock yarn from Ashabee's Creations. This is my first time using this type of blend. It's different, not as stretchy as a merino/nylon blend, and very shiny. I do like it and the socks feel nice. This yarn made very tiny stripes, so I chose to do a feather and fan stitch. I like how this turned out. I've only done the feather and fan thing once before in a pair of socks. That time, I tried the garter stitch top and I don't care for it. The garter stitch at the top didn't look very nice, so I went back to a basic 1x1 ribbing.

6107gThe colors are most accurate in this photo.
Yarn: Ashabee's Creations in Punk (merino/tencel yarn)
Needle: size 0 Knitpicks Classic Circular
Pattern: basic 18 stitch repeat feather and fan
Notes: The yarn is in a very generous hank. I used approx. 75gms of yarn and had around 40 gms left.
Start: May 25, 2007
Finish: May 28, 2007

I've started a pair of socks out of some Scarlet Fleece yarn that I bought recently. On the side, I've been knitting wrist warmers and hats for the Loopy Challenge. I'll take a picture of those before I send off the whole thing.

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