June 14, 2007

Ugh, my poor feet

Last weekend, we took a short trip to Washington DC. From Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, we were walking. And walking. And walking. I took those new Crocs and some comfortable running/walking shoes. Both of them were equally comfortable. After walking for 5+ hours, it doesn't matter what kind of shoe you're wearing. ;-) We spent Friday walking to most of the memorials and monuments around it. It's funny how D could be so tired walking from the WWII memorial to the Lincoln memorial, but suddenly regain a lot of strength to race up those stairs. On Saturday, we met up with friends and visited some museums. On Sunday, we went to the zoo before heading home. E and D were real troopers. They walked and walked their little legs off. We offered many snacks and water to make all of that walking more bearable. D did get tired and Dwight did end up carrying him up on his shoulders a few times. It was a great trip and we will most likely visit again. There are so many other sites that we want to see in that area.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much knitting done. That was mostly because I was bored with the project that I took with me. I'm currently working on a plain stockinette sock out of Regia cotton yarn. Why is it that plain socks take about 2-3x longer than a sock with patterning? I think it's because I get bored and just don't want to work on it as much. With patterning, there is something to keep me interested. There probably won't be much knitting done this weekend either. We're going camping. As it's Father's day weekend, I'm also working on something for Dwight. That took all of this evening, but most of it is done. Yes, I did wait until the last minute.

I received my Ravelry invite on the day that we were leaving. I didn't join until we got back. Now that I have, I've been spending a lot of time over there organizing my projects and yarn. I have most of my current projects entered. I don't think that I'll enter very many of my older projects. My pictures are stuck in the beyond 200 limit on flickr and I don't feel like deleting pics or re-uploading them. Instead, I'm working on entering in my stash. I took a lot of pics today and I'll start uploading those tomorrow.

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