July 19, 2007

SOS #11 done and rain!!!

71907bWe're finally getting a decent amount of rain. It has been so dry here. We primarily use cistern (rain water off of our roof) water for washing and everyday use around the house. We have wells for drinking water and back up. Last night and this morning we got some rain. I love thunderstorms and we had some good lightning and thunder this morning too. We haven't had many of those this spring/summer.

I've finished another sock. This one was a lot of fun to make. I love the yarn and the pattern and they went really well together. The yarn is Dream In Color's smooshy yarn and it is smooshy. The pattern is Cookie A's Thelonious sock. This is the first pattern of hers that I've bought and it is well done. The instructions and charts are great. If I had thought of it, I would have made these socks taller. Where they land on my leg makes them prone to slouching. Oh well. I might try running some clear elastic around the cuff to see if that helps.

71907c 71907e 71907d

Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy - In Vino Veritas
Needles: size 1 (2.25mm) Knit Picks Classic Circular
Method: magic loop, one at a time, cuff down
Pattern: Thelonious by Cookie A.
Start: July 17, 2007
Finish: July 19, 2007

I realized that I didn't have any recent pictures of E and D together. It's hard enough trying to get them to look at the camera when they're by themselves. It's near impossible when they're together. My method is to get them to make faces. Sure they're not smiling, but I'm just glad that they're looking my way.

The last picture that I took is my favorite. It probably sums up what they think of taking pictures.


Becca said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous!! I have 2 skeins of Dream in Color and I think I might like to use this pattern too. I've been admiring it for a while and your socks have convinced me. Well done!!

I like the photo of the kids on the bottom right. They look so happy, yet kind of up to something! What cuties you've got.

Jen said...

Great socks! Gorgeous! And your kids are very cute too. I love the faces, makes them look like kids.

Kate said...

I just can't believe my eyes, have you knitted 11 pair of socks.....
And those very absolutely gourgous, I like Cookie's pattern.
ANd your kids are really adoable.

Jen said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Your s.o.s. progress is AMAZING! I have just started trying the short row heel on my socks. Yours are great. I was wondering if you might give me a few tips? :) Please email me at knittingsportsmom AT yahoo DOT com
Thanks!! :)