July 31, 2007

SOS #14 and why socks?

73107dAnother pair of socks for me and in a pattern that I could do over and over. This is the Stansfield 304 pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks. It's a textural type pattern with knits, purls, increases, and decreases. I think it looks great with variegated yarns. It's easy to memorize and easy to see where you left off if you have to put the socks down. There is only one downfall, if you want to call it that. It pulls in a lot just like chevron patterns. That makes it hard to get the sock on your foot. It's not binding once on your foot and it's actually quite comfortably snug. This pattern does not stretch out and sag during the course of the day.

73107aThe yarn is Lime and Violet's Sasquatch yarn in Pennicillin. It was in the Better Living Through Chemistry color line. I had to buy some yarn in that line. One of the phrases that Dwight says a lot is that at work they, "make life better with chemicals."

Yarn: Lime & Violet's Sasquatch sock in Pennicillin
Needles: size 0 (2mm) Knit Picks Classic Circular
Method: magic loop, two at once, Turkish cast-on
Pattern: Stansfield 304 from More Sensational Knitted Socks
Start: July 25, 2007
Finish: July 31, 2007

Anyone visiting this blog lately probably thinks that I only knit socks. I don't. It's just that I wanted to concentrate on socks during the Summer of Socks. I am itching to knit some lace, but that can wait. I like knitting socks because of their portability and ability to keep my interest. You can make them as easy or as complicated as you want. I started knitting socks as something to do when I couldn't sew. We homeschool and we have our lessons where I usually sew. I couldn't sew during lessons, but I could knit on something small. I can also easily set them aside when E needs some help.

I don't wear many sweaters, even in winter. I like layers and may attempt a cardigan one of these days. Another reason why I like socks is that I can make them in wild colors that I would never wear. The clothes that I wear are very basic in style and color. I really don't like to buy trendy clothing that will only look good for one year. So, I knit wild socks to wear with my basic outfits.

At first my goal was to knit enough socks and not ever have to wear store bought socks. I've reached that goal and beyond. If I knit up all of my sock yarn, I would probably have ................... I'm not saying it. Dwight reads this and he doesn't need to know how many. ;-)

Up next...more wild socks for me. Also, there is sock yarn coming in the mail, more sock yarn that needs to be photographed for Ravelry, and I need to think of something to do with the leftover sock yarns.


Becca said...

That was how I really got back into knitting! It gave me something to do while home schooling. As they get older they don't need me hanging over them, but I still try to be available.

You are the best advertisement for SKS & MSKS. Your socks make all the patterns look so much better. I can't wait to try this one.

Jen said...

I agree with Becca, your socks look way better than the samples in the book. I look at those sad, scratchy cream swatches in SKS and I have trouble imagining what they'll look like.

I love your latest pair - works great with the colorway.

Jen said...

I "third" that comment. Your patterns look much better than the ones in the books! And I like your sense of color. They are soooo my taste too. :)

smelk-o-matic said...

You have such a cool blog!


Octopus Knits said...

The socks are lovely!