July 14, 2007

SOS #9 done and sock blocking

71407aThis sock was so fast to knit, but I think that I need some sock blockers now. I've never understood why there was a need to block socks. Until now, I've never done a full lace sock. I've done Pomatomus, but that one looked great without blocking. I think because it was a ribbed sort of lace. This lace looks okay now, but will most likely look a lot better with blocking. Whenever I make that next Loopy Ewe order, I'll get some sock blockers. This is another pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. It's called Diamond Rib and is easy to memorize. This pair of socks is another one that isn't for me. Who is it for? I haven't decided yet. We'll have to see how she feels about lacy socks first. Dwight always asks me who I'm making the sock for and he thought it was odd that I didn't know who would get these.

Yarn: Regia Line Steps 5368
Needles: size 0 (2mm) Knit Picks Classic circulars
Method: magic loop, two at once, toe up using a Turkish cast-on
Pattern: Diamond Rib (p. 55) in Sensational Knitted Socks
Start: July 12, 2007
Finish: July 13, 2007

Speaking of Dwight and socks, he bought some smartwool socks while we were on vacation. He bought a pair almost 10 years ago and they have finally worn out. He has worn those pair once every week. I don't feel so bad making handknit socks after seeing the price tag on those socks. He bought two different kinds this time and they seemed a bit thin. They were under the same light hiking label as his old ones, but it doesn't seem like they'll last as long as his old pair.

This is what prompted my son to ask the deer in the house questions. Dwight has been pruning trees near our power line. The deer like to come and eat the leaves off of certain trees. This little one came after we were done with our dinner and hung around eating for a while. Awww, it was so cute to watch. It's so much fun looking out of the window and seeing the animals come strolling through. D saw a turkey a few days ago and called it a goose.

Up next? Mostly likely another pair of socks that's not for me. That means some subdued color knitted with a pattern that won't bore me. ;-)

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Jen said...

I think you're up to 3 pairs per week! Woohoo! Unfortunately, I sent in my blog report on Friday, so it'll only say you've completed 8 pairs.