August 16, 2007

Yellow everywhere or yellow-2, me-0

81607aThis yellow yarn needs a time out. I've had it in my stash for a while now and wanted to make something with it. I tried Bayerische. My gauge is much looser than that in the pattern, so I had to alter the pattern to fit my foot. After one repeat, I didn't like the way it was turning out. Ripppppp. Then I decided to try the Hourglass stranded pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks. I even did the corrugated ribbing and two colored heel. I didn't like it. Rippppp again. My stranding needs work and I wasn't having fun knitting this sock. I was only knitting one and the idea of having to do it all over again was ugh. The yellow yarn has defeated me-for now. I'm going to move onto something else. I haven't decided yet.

Let me just say that the corrugated ribbing was so tedious. But it was worth it because I like the look that it gives. I do like the two colored heel, but I still don't like heel flaps. Maybe I'll try a two colored short rowed heel one of these days.

We have a lot of yellow around our house right now. We have 7+ foot tall sunflowers, yellow marigolds (small and large), and yellow leaves on our azaleas. The azaleas have been hurting and really needed rain. We got a very nice rain shower this morning, so it has recovered for today. Over on the left, those are E's sunflowers. She plants those with Dwight every year. Each year they plant more because they're just so fun to see how tall they grow. I'm surprised that they did so well this year since it has been so dry. We usually dry out the flowers in the fall and hang them up in a tree. The woodpeckers really like the sunflower seeds.


Lynda said...

Love the sunflower pics, especially the one that show just how big they are.

Lynda said...

I was trying to say, "the one that shows just how big they are."

Anonymous said...

What beautiful sunflowers! WOW! They are HUGE and perfect!