September 8, 2007

SOS #29 and #30

9707cHere is #29. This is Lime&Violet's Sasquatch yarn in the "Making Life Better with Chemicals" line. This colorway is called Ibuprofen. Yeah, I probably need some after knitting all of these socks. My hands don't really feel sore yet though. So, I'll keep on knitting. One thing that I'm doing is mixing up the yarn weights.

This yarn is really nice. I like the subtle stripes that it made. With the Stansfield 196 stitch pattern, it sort of looks like wood grain. This is a stitch pattern that I will add to the list of those that I would like to knit again. The pattern is very easy to memorize. It's not too open, but it does have yarn overs. Up close, it looks like a very flat cable.

Yarn: Lime & Violet Sasquatch in Ibuprofen
Needle: size 0 (2mm) Addi Turbo
Method: magic loop, two at once, turkish cast-on, short row heel
Pattern: Stansfield 196 (p. 97) in More Sensational Knitted Socks
Started: September 5, 2007
Finished: September 6, 2007

9707dThis is #30. There are several reasons why I knit these worsted weight socks. One was to give my hands a break from fingering weight yarn. Another was to try out this yarn in a sock to see if Dwight likes it. His feet get cold in the winter, but he claims that his house slippers hurt his feet. So, he only wears socks around the house. I'm thinking of making a pair of socks similar to this one that he can wear over whatever socks he's currently wearing. I think that he did like them. When I showed these to him, he said, "you made these?" in a tone that sounded like "these look store bought." I'll take that as a compliment. I have some green heathered Wool Ease that I plan on using for his socks. I might do the contrasting color just to liven things up a bit.

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease worsted in Wheat and Oxford Grey
Needle: size 5 Knitpicks Options and 40" cable
Method: magic loop, two at once, toe-up with Turkish cast-on, short row heel
Start: September 6, 2007
Finish: September 7, 2007

Another reason that I made the Wool Ease socks is to try out the contrasting toes, heel, and cuff. My next planned socks have those in the pattern and I wanted to try out the color switching before going to the nice yarn. The Jack Sparrow socks will kick off some Halloween sock knitting. I just bought some very cool LoveSticks yarn in Halloween stripes. Hey- if the E and D get costumes, I will at least get cool Halloween socks.

Speaking of costumes, it's time to start working on those too. D has declared that he wants to be a pirate again. That's fine with me because I love his little costume that I made last year. The best thing is that it probably fits better this year too. I tend to sew things too big for the kids. So far, we can't figure out what E will be. I would love to make her a girl pirate, but she's not going for that idea. She wants to be something very girly and princess-y. I think it's time to start digging through my patterns and fabrics...


Jen said...

Wow D has the Jack Sparrow body language down pat! So cute!

I've got gray socks in my future too! I want to "go traditional" at some point. Who knows when, but eventually... hehe

Jeanne said...

Very nice socks - love the grey! And the Halloween yarn is so nice! Very cute pirate!