October 20, 2007

Chrysopolis clue #4 complete!


Phew, that was fast! When I printed the chart for this clue, I had to start knitting right away. It was such a big change from what the pattern has been so far. I love the way it looks. It was so fun to knit. The pattern comes written out along with the charts. That helped me know how many stitches to knit in the large stockinette sections. It saved me from having to count all of those tiny squares.

I still really like this yarn, but I've ran into knots in the balls. There were two knots in the first ball and there has already been one knot in the second. What a pain, especially since this is a superwash yarn. I'll have a lot more ends to weave in and hide than I would normally have.

101807aIn other knitting news, this is another sock made from leftovers. These are for D and he took off with them as soon as he put them on. I take that as a very good sign that he likes them. They're made out of leftover Fiesta Boomerang in Sedona. I used size 1 needles for a very dense sock. They're meant to be house socks for D because I think they will be too thick for any of his shoes. I started and finished those on Wednesday.

I've also started another pair of leftover Vesper socks for E. These are in the Strange Little Mama color. I've gone past the heel and just need to finish off the cuff. I plan on knitting until the yarn runs out.

I also need to work on the next clue for Secret of the Stole. This clue has more patterning and less plain stockinette sections. It looks like another fun knit.

Fall is finally here. We did get a little bit of rain too. Not very much, but enough to ease my fears of forest fires a tiny bit. This is what I see when I go check the mail. Right now is one time of year where I actually enjoy walking down that steep hill. Walking back up is amazing if you go when the sun is starting to go down. The sun manages to poke through the trees from the sides and just lights up all of those great colors.


Telefonhexe said...

WOW - i'ts very, very lovefull!!! The colour of the yarn is very pritty and I think to myself, it seems like an Butterfly *lol* (it was my mention by knitting it yesterday in the afternoon) but I'm not so far as you.

greetings from Germany

LUL said...

You are right, that was quite a change ut you also right about it being absolutely beautiful. I hope my mystery shawl turns out just as beautiful! (starts jan 1st)

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Isn't that just gorgeous!!!!! As soon as I get SOTS clue 3 finished I'm starting on SOC clue 2. :) Your stole is gorgeous and this is one of the prettiest designs I've seen.

JM said...

Just found your blog and read all of it. In total awe of your productivity. Beautiful knits.

Anonymous said...

The way you photographed the Chrysopolis clue #4 really highlights the design. Very nice. It is some much easier to appreciate flat like that versus when worn.

Also, I heard D really liked his new socks made from leftovers, but got tired of them and threw them in the toilet...