October 24, 2007

Lazy blogger checking in...

102007bI haven't felt like blogging or commenting lately. It must be the cloudy weather. I'm so thankful for all of the much needed rain that we've gotten the last few days, but it seems to affect my mood. I also wanted to wait until I had more sock pictures, but I haven't taken them yet because of the clouds. I finished two more pairs of socks for E. I need to work on a few for D now, but boy colors just aren't as fun to knit.

This is Secret of the Stole after 3 clues. I still like it and it's still fun. I do wish that there were more beads in it, but maybe I can just do another beaded project. The stole measures around 20 inches wide and 31 inches long to the points.

Secret lace knits seems to be the in thing right now. I'm working on the Secret of Chrysopolis and the Secret of the Stole. I also joined the Mystic Waters Lace Shawl and the Spring Surprice stole. The last one doesn't start until January 1st. That one looks very promising from the swatches posted on Lul's blog and the description says that it will be a "challenging" knit. I'm definitely up for the challenge. There will be another one by the designer of the Secret of Chrysopolis. There's a group for it on Ravelry already. That one won't start for a long time, but I'm in the group to keep an eye on it. (Or I would forget.)

I haven't started the Mystic Waters Shawl yet. It's recommended to pick a "watery" type color. I don't have any. I do have enough of black merino yarn or pink zephyr yarn. I'm thinking about going against the grain on this shawl and just picking whatever color I want. Both of my size 3 needles are occupied with the other stoles and that's the size that I usually use with laceweight yarn. The final measurements were posted today and it will be 50 inches long to the point and 98 inches across the top. That sounds huge! I may be able to use the merino wool as it is a pretty fine laceweight yarn and size 2 needles. I'll have to see how it looks.

Time....where can I get more...

It's not as if I don't have enough things to knit around here. I also want to do the Inky Dinky Spider Stole and the Paisley Stole from Fiddlesticks. There are also the countless free patterns from Magknits and Knitty. Then there's the beaded stole in the Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting. And then there are the books and books and books of patterns. Ack!

I have put the knitting away for a while, except for the mystery stoles. I've pulled out the sewing machine and the patterns. Right now, I'm still in the digging phase and trying to sort out what pattern I want to sew and with what fabric. The possibilities so far are a dress for E, pjs for D, a new camera bag/purse for me, more tulle skirts (no sewing for those), and possibly a stuffed animal or doll with it's own little wardrobe.

Ah, decisions....

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