October 6, 2007

A lot of shawl progress


This is my progress on Secret of Chrysopolis after two clues. This stole is going to be huge. So far, I've used 40 gms of lace weight yarn. The stole itself can stretch to around 30 inches wide and a little over 20 inches long so far. It can be stretched further, but I didn't want to take it off of the 32 inch circulars. Yeah, I'm lazy.

The yarn that I'm using came from China. Dwight has brought it back from a business trips twice now. It says Hengyuanxiang on it and it comes in 62.5 gm center pull balls. Other than that, there isn't a lot of information on it's label. Looking at it, it looks a lot like Lacey Lamb. I have six balls of this yarn, so I'm pretty sure that I'll have enough. I love this yarn. It's very soft, has a nice tight twist, and is very springy. I've used it on the Knitted Veil and Icarus.

I'm enjoying this shawl so far. I wasn't too sure about the heart, but it's small and cute. I really like how the center portion shrinks and grows and twists. I can't wait to see what's inside the center in the next clue.


This is the Secret of the Stole after finishing the first hint. Yes, I'm doing two mystery knits right now. It's a bit crazy that both clues/hints come out on Fridays, but it's a lot of fun. This one had a different start and I like it. I did knit them both at the same time. It was similar to knitting two socks at the same time on one circular.

10507eI'm using the same kind of yarn as the other stole, but in a different color. I only have 4 balls of this color. This one is much narrower than Chrysopolis and 4 should be enough. This shawl also uses beads. I had a lot of fun beading the Seaweed Stole, so I definitely wanted to use beads on this one. I picked out a bead called rainbow transparent rootbeer. They look brown in the picture, but have an iridescent sheen. They really sparkle and shine, but the camera didn't want to catch that. Maybe it would be better if I didn't use the flash? I'll try that next time.

Both of those are done for this week, I'll have to wait until next Friday for the next clues. In the meantime, there are still socks around here...

10507aAren't they cute? I made a pair for D out of the leftover Lovesticks Trick or Treat yarn from my socks. There was plenty of yarn and I still have a little bit of leftovers--probably enough for baby socks or a cool headband for E. I'll keep knitting little socks until I get the next clues. These socks are perfect since they only take around a day to make. E and D love them too. That's a huge bonus for me.


Anonymous said...

I love your stoles! I am a part of both kals and it's nice to see the completed clues!

Erica said...

Both your stoles are amazing. Love the beads, too.

Zarzuela said...

The lace is simply awesome! So pretty! I can't believe you're still knitting socks. ;)


Kris said...

Found my way here via Ravelry :)

That red shawl is absolute gorgeous! I think I'm going to have to hope that the pattern is released after the event as I've never knitted lace before and that looks like the most perfect thing to have a go with.

Am currently addicted to socks...