February 28, 2007

The veil is complete

22807eI finished pinning this to the floor at around midnight last night. This shawl grew a lot with blocking. I think part of that is due to the yarn used and part of it is due to the stitch pattern. There was patterning on both sides of the stitch patterns. This shawl looked really small before blocking, but it's a good size now. After blocking, I wasn't sure if I liked it. It looked so delicate and airy. That is what I was going for, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to wear it without hurting it. After carrying it around outside, hanging it on trees, and taking pictures of it all over, I think it's quite durable. This yarn is quite thin, but isn't really that fragile. I did snag it while hanging it on this tree, but everything fell back into place with a little tugging.

22807cThis pattern wasn't too bad to knit. It wasn't boring because I had to keep track of knitting the sides and the center area. That required looking at two charts on every row. I wasn't able to memorize the border on this shawl. This shawl had 28 repeats of a 14 row border on the long edges, plus whatever was needed for the corners. The sampler shawl had 50(?) repeats on one long edge.

22807dThe corners on this shawl required more double and triple joins. I think it came out nicely. I'm glad that they blocked out nice. The points were pretty sad looking before being blocked. I didn't take a picture of it, but the grafting of the border turned out a lot neater on this shawl than the sampler shawl.

Here are the details...
Pattern: A Knitted Veil from Victorian Lace Today
Yarn: Hengyuanxiang (2 balls)--This is a laceweight, superwash wool yarn from Shanghai.
Needles: size 2 Knitpicks classic circular
Unblocked: 21" x 57"
Blocked: 31" x 77"
Started: 2/15/07
Finished: 2/27/07


keri said...

That is just gorgeous, congratulations!

Rina said...

That looks so gorgeous. Nice block too. Congrats!

Did you find KP needles too slippery for lace knitting?

Brenda said...

Gorgeous! Congratulations! The corners with all those joins look perfect.

sonja poor said...

Oh, your shawl just looks terrific and I love the bright, red color. I know you must be pleased. Great job! Thanks for sharing specifics.

DaFawnz said...

Very nice job! I am working on the same thing in red also! I have done a terrible job of following the pattern on both sides (I think it is the k2tog into the yo's from the previous row) so my progress is really slow. I am SO glad to see someone complete this project!

Birdsong said...

The shawl, especially the color, is just gorgeous! I admire your tenacity with such a difficult pattern. Glad you determined it is "tough enough", because you should be wearing it and showing it off as often as you can:)