December 17, 2007

Mystic Waters

121707cMy Mystic Waters shawl is complete and it's huge! I made the full sized version because I just didn't want to leave any of the design out. It's so pretty. I love how all of the different elements just blend together. It was an easy knit, but I did have to look at the charts a lot to keep my place. This isn't a shawl where I could glance at the chart at the beginning of the row and just know what to do for the rest of the row. I don't knit many triangular shawls, but this one was so tempting and I'm glad that I decided to knit it in the end.

I used Wollmeise lace yarn that I bought from The Loopy Ewe. It's a bit thicker than what I think of as lace yarn. I would say that it's a heavy lace weight or a really fine fingering weight yarn. There is approximately 1740 yards in 300 gms. I used 260 gms for this shawl. The yarn has many plies and is very smooth. If I dropped a stitch, it had a tendency to want to ladder down a few rows immediately. I didn't find it t00 splitty. When my needles did try to split the yarn, it was a pain to try to get back to "normal." The yarn isn't the softest while knitting, but I did find the shawl very squishy feeling when it was finished. It blocked out nicely and seemed to keep most of the block after being laid out in the wet snow.


Yarn: Wollmeise lace (superwash) in Veilchen (used 260gms)
Needle: size 3 (3.75mm) Knit Picks Classic Circular
Blocked size: 108 inches across the top and 50 inches from the bottom tip to the neck
Start: December 5, 2007
Finish: December 14, 2007

What's next...I'm still working on the Seafoam scarf from Wollmeise sock yarn. That is my mindless knitting, so I'm not working it regularly. I started a sweater vest for D out of self striping sKnitches yarn in the Candy color. The kids were tickled that the yarn was called Candy. I have about half of the front done. I'm using the vest pattern out of Not Just Socks for Kids, but without the cables.

In other news, most of the Christmas cards have been mailed out. I'm saving one. I'll scan that for a later post. Christmas presents are all bought, but still need to be wrapped. Everyone is getting over the nasty cold that went around our house. Yay! I hope the cold germs stay away for a while.


Dave said...

Wow, your Mystic Waters is absolutely gorgeous! Well done!!

Anna said...

It's beautiful! The pattern really shows well against the snowy background.

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Wow, that turned out gorgeous and just look at the detail.

Anonymous said...