January 3, 2008

Snow day

We're back into the swing of our lessons again. We started yesterday, but all of the snow outside was so tempting. We did do a full day of lessons yesterday, but we're taking some time off today. E did really well on some review work yesterday, she's ahead of schedule on her work, and another day off won't hurt. We tromped around our yard and the neighbor's yard yesterday and today. E and D had a lot of fun near that creek in the picture. I didn't have so much fun trying to get down there. There's a steep hill and the snow was so powdery and slippery. I hurt my wrist a little, but the camera was fine. I was more worried about my camera than my wrist.

It was so cold out there. It was in the 20's when E and D were at the creek, but it was around 15 when I took the snowflake pictures today. Funny how it doesn't bother the kids at all when they're playing. When we came in, we warmed up next to the wood stove and had some cocoa.

We did learn about snowflakes today. I took a lot of pictures of snowflakes. The super macro setting on my camera works great for this. It was hard picking something as a background. A knitted scarf had too much texture. After that, I tried a piece of construction paper. Did you know that construction paper is also very textured in a super macro picture? I was afraid to try anything smoother than that because of the wind.

I did get some decent pictures and had a very hard time trying to narrow them down. Here are some of my favorites. Click to see the bigger picture.

Also today, E drew a picture of a princess and wrote a story about her. In the curriculum that we're using, E had to do quite a bit of creative writing last year. This year, there hasn't been much. I'm having her do the creative writing along with her drawing practice. E also had to work on her story summaries. She tries to retell the whole story and I'm trying to get her to write shorter summaries. Other than that, today has been short day for her.

In knitting news, I'm still working on the Honeybee Stole. I'm around 75% done with it. It's going great, but I can't wait until it's finished. I want to move on to another project. Next, I'm planning on knitting the first clue for the Spring Surprise Shawl or a Jean Greenhowe doll for E.


Heather said...

I've never seen such perfect pictures of snowflakes. How pretty!

smelk-o-matic said...

Those pictures are amazing!!! Gorgeous.

Winni said...

Just dropped in for a having a look at your SSS-KAL and found your snowflakes ...Sooooo beautyful