February 20, 2008

Many little socks

22008aIt's all socks, all the time again. I've finished three pairs in the last week. I'm getting tired of them, but I'm motivated to use up these left overs and make the kids some cute socks. To the left are D's new Opal tiger socks. They're only a little bit longer than his foot. I should have made them longer, but oh well. They don't take long and I can always make more. It's not like there aren't enough left overs around here. These only took 35 gms of yarn and I usually have at least that left over from my socks.

Details for D's sock:
Yarn: Opal Tiger (used 35 gms)
Needle: size 0 (2mm) Addi Turbo
Method: magic loop, 2 at once, toe-up with Turkish cast-on, foot was knit to 5.5" long before the short row heel
Start: February 18, 2008
Finish: February 19, 2008

22008dI'm frugal in some areas. If I was truly frugal, I would frog their old socks and reknit them a bit longer. There's no way that I'm going to do that. E asked what I was going to do with her old hand knit socks. I have no idea, but we're collecting them for now. Maybe I'll make some sock animals.

These are E's lacy socks. She likes the bright colors and they really are that bright. I wanted to do some kind of pattern to break up the stockinette boredom. This is the Italian Chain ribbing from More Sensational Knitted Socks. The picture of the stitch pattern in the book is deceiving. The lace is much more open than the picture shows. It's very stretchy and easy to memorize.

Yarn: Perchance to Knit in Bright Columbine (used 42 gms)
Needle: size 0 (2mm) Addi Turbo
Method: magic loop, 2 at once, toe-up with Turkish cast-on, foot knit to 6.5" before short row heel
Stitch pattern: Italian Chain Ribbing (p. 91) from More Sensational Knitted Socks
Start: February 15, 2008
Finish: February 17, 2008

22008cThese were the first pair that I knit when I started this sock kick. These are knit from C*eye*ber Fiber yarn in the Thistle color. It's a very pretty yarn and so soft.

All of these socks were knit with a gauge of 9 stitches per inch. The thistle socks have 52 stitches around and the other two are only 48 stitches around. Very quick and very cute socks.

Yarn: C*eye*ber Fiber in Thistle (used 43 gms)
Needle: size 0 (2mm) Addi Turbo
Method: magic loop, 2 at once, toe-up with Turkish cast-on, foot knit in stockinette for 6.5" before short row heel
Start: February 14, 2008
Finish: February 15, 2008

I'm thinking of frogging my Spring Surprise Stole. I've seen the progress pictures of it online and I'm just not falling in love with the pattern. I might just leave it on the needles somewhere just in case I change my mind. Right now, I'm in the mood for something more geometric and maybe beads. I have the Spring 08 Interweave magazine and there are two pretty stoles in it. The Cobweb Lace Stole is interesting. The pictures aren't that great, but it looks different from typical lace and there are some interesting things happening in the chart. I'm thinking of trying it out.

What else have I been doing? According to a friend, I'm indulging in guilty pleasures. I'm reading romance books. A friend is hosting an annual contest and I'm one of the judges. Free books and fluffy reading!

E is almost through with her school year. We're pulling back and doing things at a slower pace right now. She's excited about almost being done. I'm not that excited because that means getting ready for the end of the year assessment. Blech! I need to start thinking about and planning our next school year. I will probably start doing some sort of activities with D. That's going to be interesting trying to teach two kids at the same time. E is very independent and it might not be so bad.

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