March 22, 2008

Half way through the night

32108iArabian nights, that is. This is one half of my Arabian Night stole. I stopped a little short of where the pattern ends because I'm trying to do a seamless graft in the middle. I stopped where the border and side column charts end. I might need to do 2-4 more rows to make the center panel look better, but I'll determine that later. That's why the yarn is still attached. I also stopped because look at the little ball of yarn that's left. That's from the second ball out of 4. My husband brought this yarn back from China. I have no idea what the yardage is on each ball, but I had guessed it to be in area of 600-800 yards. Now, I'm leaning more towards the 600 yards after finishing this half of the stole.

I've started the second half already. I'm into the long non-beaded section. I got ahead of myself and didn't pre-string enough beads for the second half. Argh! I'll just have to cut the yarn to add more. This stole is going to be another huge one. When I pinned it out for the picture, it measured 31 inches wide and 42 inches long. That wasn't even stretching it out completely.

32108jThis is what the beaded center panel looks like. I like the row of beads on the border and how the twisted stitches make a neat line on either side of the bead.

All of my other projects have been neglected because of this stole. I want to finish it and wear it! Posey is still around and waiting for attention. So is the chick/egg toy. I have some sewing projects that I want to do after these knits. I know that I've been saying that for a while now, but it's time to make summer dresses for E. I have the patterns and fabric and I just need to find the time.

Speaking of E, look at her new smile:

Cute!!! She's lost another tooth. The second tooth was very loose after she lost the first one. She was actually excited about going to bed because the tooth fairy was coming. I told her that the tooth fairy might be on vacation. She gave me the funniest look. She knows that the tooth fairy is me, but she still talks about her like she's real. The tooth fairy did visit last night and E was happy with the goodies that she brought--stickers and a new toothbrush. The tooth fairy was a bit cranky because she had gone to bed and then remembered that she needed to visit E. I had to drag the tooth fairy out of bed, gather the goodies, and then sneak into E's room.

In other news, see that song down there? That's on the latest cd that I've bought and I love that song. I'm surrounded by princess talk around here and it's so funny to hear a song like that. To me, it's about not wanting a fairytale because they're not real and not perfect anyways. In other words, being realistic.

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Jeanne said...

The stole is gorgeous! Wow! And cute smile - I don't think there is anything cuter than kids smiling without their front teeth!

Octopus Knits said...

That is looking lovely! Oh my gosh, E is super cute with that gap-toothed grin -- I'm sure she's glad the toothfairy woke up and remembered her duties ; )

SYLVIE said...

Your stole is so pretty! and so is your gap-toothed kid!

Susan Pandorf said...

Lookin' good, Jeanie. Looking real good...

(the stole AND the toothless wonder)


miyamojo said...

Oh! I love your stole! I bought the kit and am still petting the yarn. I did buy dark purple beads, so it's nice to see yours with dark beads. Please show us what you change in the middle.
Your kids are adorable. I never could stay awake long enough to catch my Mom doing toothfairy duty.
Michele :)